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The Warrior Lives will tell you all of the warrior cat names, their clans, and their jobs. Help us grow by adding your own warriors and clans and tell other warriors what your life is all about!

Let your imagionation flow; bring your cats to life today!!Edit

Have you ever wanted your own warrior army of wildcats and their own clan? No worries, we got everything for you! To start making your warrior army, follow these simple steps.

  1. Name your fellow warriors and clan. But before drawing your warriors, first think about what they look like. Then design them.
  2. Think about their occupations. Who is the leader? Who are the warriors? And who is the apprentices and nurse?
  3. Think of three other clans and warriors that are in the clan. Write a strory about your warriors and clan. If you want, make it into a book!
 Now you're all set!

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